It’s not just about the future of social causes.
It’s also about the future of our planet.
About how things are made and the large-scale impact
that production can have on the world.
We believe UN:DO can weigh in on that impact.
And it doesn’t just stop at donating to socially-conscious causes.


      Made in NYC

Ethical process is a large part of our responsibility as a company. We believe everyone should be fairly compensated and treated well in their work environment. We have strong relationships with our factories. We visit them on a weekly basis right here in New York City. We choose them because of their employment practices and great attention to detail.


We believe it is our responsibility to craft our products with the utmost regard for the environment. That’s why none of our products are made with synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, acrylic or pleather. The fibers used in our clothing are biodegradable and we aim to be 100% sustainable by 2017, without compromising our quality. Our goal is to join a global movement towards sustainable practices, changing the fashion industry standards one collection at a time.