Our debut collection is focused on raising money and spreading awareness to stop gun violence. The issue of gun rights have pervaded American society from our history books to our daily news. And while the right to bear arms is hotly debated by politicians and concerned citizens alike, gun violence continues to run rampant through our communities. Guns are too deeply embedded in our country’s culture to simply get rid of, so let’s instead revolutionize the way we think about them.



We have thoughtfully crafted a gender-neutral collection of sophisticated streetwear with the perfect fit and jewelry sourced from sustainable materials. Everything is manufactured in New York City.

      Fashion against violence

The intention of this collection is to shed new light on the way we see violence. By incorporating powerful imagery showing how gun violence tears at the fabric of society or emotionally evocative phrases into our aesthetic choices, we bring the issue of gun violence to the forefront of our attention, paying tribute to all those lost to gun violence and asking how many more must fall victim to this modern epidemic.